Bali Vegan Festival Day 1! Event Descriptions for Friday 6th October

Bali Vegan Festival
Bali Vegan Festival Day 2! Event Descriptions for Saturday 7th October
October 6, 2017

Bali Vegan Festival Day 1! Event Descriptions for Friday 6th October

Bali Vegan Festival

We’ve got some amazing events in store for you over the weekend! Read below for a little more info for what’s on offer on Day 1, Friday 6th October…

VENUE:  Paradiso

Morning Hatha Yoga with Pablo Gascon – The Yoga Beats Project
Pablo Gascon is an International Yoga teacher with over 10 years experience teaching worldwide as well as a free dance performer and trained massage therapist. This class is based on Hatha Yoga from India; Pablo will share the different aspects of this powerful discipline, Asana, Bandhas, Pranayama, Mudra and Meditation. His teachings are precise, easy to follow build understanding of the movement and stillness of the practice.

“Wim Hof Breath Workshop” by Richard Ayling – Re-Align
The Wim Hof Method can help you to take control of your entire health and wellbeing. Richard trained personally with Wim to become one of the first European Wim Hof Method Instructors, and combines these techniques with nutrition, movement and flow state practices to lead people to strength, health & happiness. In this workshop you’ll be taking a deep dive into the Wim Hof breathing technique, balancing the breath with awareness, meditation and Pranayama to create a unique experience.
Ages 16+ (strictly no children allowed)

TALK and Q&A
“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness Q&A with Jon Venus’ by Jon Venus

Jon Venus is a vegan bodybuilder. He eats a 100% plant-based diet. He has built a huge following online (over 93K followers on Instagram alone) showing the world what is possible with his cruelty free lifestyle.

What does he use for protein?
What do his workouts consist of?
Does he use steroids?!
What advice can he give for those starting out?

Find out this and more at his talk and Q&A on Day 1 of the festival!

“Food and Spirituality” with Phil Dickenson – Yoga For Nature
Phil Dickenson is the Founder of Yoga For Nature a global yoga community advocating for the environment and human rights. His talk will explore the connection between food, sustainability & peace and will include short films shot in Kenya, Rwanda, Sri Lanka & Australia.

“Effective Storytelling for Activism” by Kip Andersen
Storytelling has many forms, in this talk Kip will go beyond filmmaking and explore other ways of storytelling and how to find your own voice to educate, inspire and be an effective advocate. Learn the tools to be effective in advocating for your cause.

Live Piano by JAIV

“Food Choices” by Michal Siewierski
Michal Siewierski’s film, “Food Choices” explores the impact of the food we eat on human health, the environment and on the lives of other living species. It follows Michal’s three year journey of interviewing over 30 top experts around the country from many different fields, including doctors, nutritionists, environmental researchers, biochemists, athletes, chefs, bloggers and many others to try to get answers for his question of what is the healthiest and most sustainable diet for ourselves, our planet and future generations.

VENUE: Event Pavilion – Taksu

“Delicious Mindfulness – Fuel Your Body – Feed Your Soul” by Shae Lamond – Radiantly Alive
Dive into the practice of mindfulness in a very real way. You will experience how being mindful whilst eating will dramatically change your perception of health, nourishment and transform your relationship to yourself. How can you find health and vitality, without following a diet or strict rules? How can you be more present with others, and yourself, in the everyday act of eating? Shae will guide you with experiences, discussion, and deliciousness, where you’ll delve into the act of mindfulness like never before. This is your chance to develop a healthy relationship with food, your body and your actions naturally, through the magic of mindful eating.

“Building a Vegan Empire at 25” By Ghanim Al-Sulaiti
Ghanim Al-Sulaiti’s passion for conscious living and personal investment in a holistic approach to diet and health has set him on a journey of discovery all around the globe. He has been a vegan for 4 years and brought the wealth of knowledge he’d picked up along the way to his home country when he launched Qatar’s first 100% vegan café, Evergreen Organics in September of last year. Find out more about his journey into veganism and how opening vegan businesses around the globe is helping him fulfil his goals and mission.

“Offerings Without Suffering” by Mangku Ketut Susila
Mangku (Balinese priest) Ketut Susila, has been vegetarian for over seven years and generally follows a vegan diet. Ketut comes from a lineage of priests and is educating those back in his village that it’s possible to practice Hinduism without the sacrifice of animals. Find out how he is able to spread his message in the face of scrutiny and hear about the transformation he has undergone in becoming plant-based.

“Glow Up” with Chocolako
Meet Chocolako, a vibrant, fun and deeply passionate yogi helping people experience and connect directly with their mind, body and life force energy. Chocolako lives life to the fullest and curates experiences that help others embody and comfortably guide their own lifestyle shifts. Don’t miss her unique ‘Glow Up’ yoga session!

“A Vision For Health” with Georgia Morley
Georgia Morley is a Certified Doula, Holistic Nutritionist/classically trained Chef and Registered Yoga Instructor.

VENUE: Kecak – Taksu

“Ahimsa – From Important Spiritual Doctrine to a Complete Lifestyle” by Sanna Kokonnen from Radiantly Alive
Ahimsa is one of the five yamas, the ethical and moral guidelines of yoga by Master Patanjali. It should guide your daily interactions with yourself and others. Not restricted to yogis, it can be the ethical code for a happy life for everyone. Ahimsa is the practice of non-violence in all aspects of life, not only in actions but also in words and even in thoughts. Ahimsa if anything, is a state of mind. Asking ourselves in everything we do: are we acting with harmful egoistic intentions or are we acting from a true and honest space of kindness and compassion?

“Gut Health” by Dr. Yulli Agnes
Dr. Yulli earned her Masters degree in Anti-Aging & Prevention Medicine in 2009, and has since specialized in wellness & diseases prevention. In her talk, ‘Gut Health’, Dr. Yulli will discuss the importance of digestive health and the overall impact it has on your wellbeing. As a wellness and health advocate, she believes “a truly satisfying life is a life lived in balance” and in relation to digestive health she will discuss sleep management, nutrition and diet, hormonal balancing (female and male), detoxification and stress management.

“My Jamu, Your Jamu” by Arif Springs – Djamoekoe
DJAMOE is a Javanese spelling of Jamu, the turmeric based healing tonic that has been consumed across Indonesia for centuries. KOE is a Javanese word for “my” or “mine”. Chef Arif might call DJAMOEKOE “his Jamu”, since all the recipes are his creations, inspired by the brews of his famed Javanese grandmother, who was a renowned herbal healer. But DJAMOEKOE is “your Jamu” too, because Chef Arif has crafted eleven flavours across three ranges, so everyone can find a Jamu (or two) that has just the right mix of wellness properties, taste and spirit that is perfect for them. Come find out how to make your own jamu at home!

“The Art of Vegan Cheese” By Ariana Budiarti
Join Ariana Budiarti, founder of Madree Vegan Cheese, through her creative development and experimentation of fermented products. She produces real vegan cheese, vegan yogurt and vegan mayo! All of which are organically fermented, using organic local natural ingredients and of course, they are also non-dairy lactose free. Learn how to make this natural fermented superfood and what Ariana herself calls, “the real vegan cheese”.

VENUE:  Workshop Tent

“Introduction to Raw Foods” by Sayuri Tanaka
Join Sayuri as she gives you a crash course in Raw Foods! You’ll learn the what, how, and why! Sayuri will give you tips and tricks on how to approach a raw living lifestyle. You’ll also learn about the equipments, and about soaking & activating nuts and seeds. For this workshop her menu consists of nut milk, chia porridge, pasta marinara, raw-mesan.

“Italian Cooking the Vegan Way” by Salvatore Pesti
Learn how to make amazing Italian dishes such as sweet potato gnocchi; vegan creamy cheese sauce, pizzette, vegan mozzarella cheese and olive tomato sauce. There’s always room for dessert with vegan coconut vanilla panna cotta and strawberry chia jam.

“Let’s Get Saucy!” with FullyRaw Kristina
One of the most difficult parts of going vegan is finding good sauces that you can use on a daily basis. This workshop is going to help you discover deliciously simple dressings so you can enjoy your salad, pasta, and everything in between! It’s time to get saucy!

VENUE:  Vegan Village Stage

Qi Gong with Master Khien Phuc
Khien Phuc, of Cambodian origin,has been practicing and teaching external (Kung Fu) as well as internal (Tai Chi, Qi Gong) martial arts for more than 30 years. He will teach you the form called “The 5 Animals Qi Gong”, being an expert in this practice. This form of Qi Gong, well known in China, is one the four methods officially recognized. It has been created by Hua Tuo (a doctor in medicine of the Han dynasty), each movement of which is the result from his watching wild animals’ behaviours.

“Cruelty Free Bali” by Janice Girardi – BAWA
Founded in 2007 by Janice Girardi, BAWA works every day to relieve the suffering and save the lives of animals in Bali. BAWA is a non-profit organisation registered in Indonesia to work for better animal welfare. Janice will talk about the organisation, what they are doing to help the animals of Bali and what we can all do to help.

Sunset Chee Yoga Dance with Kevin Yee-Chan
Description: The dance of prana and qi through our energy body is the driving force of life. In this class, we’ll explore a combination of pranayama, qi gong, asana and modern dance techniques that awaken different layers of the energy body, allowing for a unique and liberating expression of self through the natural dance of life.

Music performance by Nick Wallaki

“Planet Earth II: Islands & Jungle”
Join us on the opening night of the festival for a FREE screening of the award-winning Planet Earth II Episode 1: Islands.

David Attenborough returns in this breathtaking documentary showcasing life on Planet Earth.
Episode 1: Islands:
Remote islands offer sanctuary for some of the planet’s strangest and rarest creatures. The rare pygmy three-toed sloth enjoys a peaceful existence on an idyllic Caribbean island, while nesting albatross thrive in predator-free isolation. But island life always comes at a cost.

Come along, bring your own blankets and cushions and enjoy a variey of delicious vegan food on offer.

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